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Learn how to start and boost your business

Earn up to hundreds of thousands and even millions through our business scaling and business niches tutorial. Learn the most high selling online businesses and learn the strategies on how to scale your sales!

  • Dropshipping Business
  • eCommerce Business
  • Digital Product Business
  • Physical Product Business
  • Service-based (Consulting or Freelancing) Business
  • Coaching Business
  • Events and Live Training Business
  • Insurance Business
  • Travel Agency Business
  • Real Estate Business
  • Affiliate Marketing Business
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Business
  • AND MORE!!!

Weekly Live Masterclass Sessions

Join a group of like-minded individuals who are also jump-starting their own businesses. Ask questions, engage along with your classmates and learn new things in our LIVE CLASSROOM session.

Compatible on all devices

Enjoy our tutorials and courses on all your devices. The website is fully-functional and made responsive to ensure top quality experience for our students!

Learn Advanced FaceBook/Instagram Ads Targeting and Scaling

We will teach you high quality targeting, creating a high converting audience, re-targeting , and also scaling your sales through Ads.

60+ Software Courses and Occupational Courses

Learn the best courses and choose from dozens of options. You want to become a website developer? Copywriter? Social Media Admin? Graphics Designer? Animator? Bookkeeper? and so much more? We have it all here!

Student Support

We have trained personell that are assigned to assist students who are struggling with certain topics. We leave no one behind.

Chatting System

QuickPro has a unique chatting system for its members. You will be able to enjoy 24/7 chat with the entire QuickPro Community.

Topnotch Training!

WorldClass Training!


Get Your Supreme Market Strategy Guide Books with Ads Targeting Hacks (worth ₱15,600)

Get our secret recipe on this amazing high value strategy workbooks with case Studies on E-Commerce, Real Estate Marketing & Freelance Consulting Business. It also consists of Ads Targeting directions and detailed instructions on each section.

Get Your Five High Converting Landing Page Templates (worth ₱9,600)

We have put together a collection of high converting landing pages that is used for all kinds of businesses. It's also complete with amazing fonts, images and sections. They are fashionable and super easy to use for all types of businesses! Grab these now FOR FREE after your enrollment.

Get Your Free Web-pages You Can use For Portfolios (worth ₱5,999)

Send your website as a "www."!!! We will allow you to create your own webpages and design it yourself so you can apply online and use it as your personal biography/resume/portfolio!

Get Your Mega Exclusive Software Collection (worth ₱20,000)

We will also be providing you with dozens of online and offline tools, software and applications that you can use to further improve your inventory of skills on your computer!

Get Your Ultimate Freelancer's Cheat Sheet (worth ₱2,999)

This cheat sheet will give you the ROADMAP that will lead you to online success! An ultimate guide that points you towards high salary freelancing jobs by high paying clients!

Free Client Vaccum Landing Page (worth ₱5,000)

You tired of waiting for clients to accept you? It's time to CHANGE THE GAME! We have developed a system that will make clients crave for your attention and you will start getting more job offers like never before! Get this free landing page and template today!

Here’s just a small taste of some of the lessons you will learn from our business masterclass...

High Converting Facebook Ads Tutorial

Learn the secrets to creating ads that will target the right people and get people flowing to your company. Getting customers will no longer be a problem for you once you’ve finished learning this tutorial! You will be discovering the THREE STEPS on creating highly converting ads!

Sales Funnel Training

We will train you the detailed mind-tricks you can do with sales funnel to make sure your customers go all the way to the point of purchase. Creating funnels isn't as easy as making it step by step, you need to know where customers look, how they respond to certain keywords and images and more.

Advanced Lead Generation

This tutorial will teach you how to grow your audience, email lists and subscribers. I will be teaching you the many methods you can use to grow prospects, and the best method I can recommend that will give you quality prospects! Listen well.

Obtaining 12K Top Selling Ebooks

This tutorial will teach you how to acquire these TOP SELLING EBOOKS and sell them as much as you want. You can edit these books and even own their AUTHOR’S RIGHTS. This is a highly expensive tutorial video so please do not share this with ANYONE.


Become an online marketing agent. Get companies to your doorstep, provide them with customers, and have them pay you on a monthly basis! Learn the secrets to controlling the flow of traffic and make hundreds and thousands of money from it! This tutorial is going to train you a new form of business that can potentially make you a MILLIONAIRE!

Lazada Business Strategy

This tutorial teaches how you can get sales on your Lazada business starting day 1. This includes Lazada store optimization and advertising , product optimization, store design, and how to maximize the different campaigns and promos.

And So Much more!

"I failed countless times. But I never gave up. I'm here to make sure you don't experience my failures."

– Coach Majkel Benche Custodio

You will also receive an additional +60 courses on Freelance Skills

And More Coming EVERY WEEK!


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  • Access to ALL our live & recorded trainings.
  • 7 classes per week from 8pm onwards
  • Access to the chat support & group projects
  • Free installation of the latest apps and online tools we have to offer
  • Free Cover letter template and Resume Templates
  • Free Bonus Marketing Bundles (worth ₱53,598)
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  • Access to ALL our live & recorded trainings.
  • 7 classes per week from 8pm onwards
  • Access to the chat support & group projects
  • Free installation of the latest apps and online tools we have to offer
  • Free Cover letter template and Resume Templates
  • Free Bonus Marketing Bundles (worth ₱53,598)
30% OFF

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